Cafrino poker November in 2014 offers a review of the legal US poker site at and offers a list of genuine real money US poker sites in November of 2014. We compare the no deposit, advertisement based Cafrino poker room with the authentic USA friendly poker rooms online in 2014.


cafrino poker review in November, 2017 - Fully legal US poker site - Win real money without a deposit -

cafrino.comUpdated In November, 2017 - There are several ways for an online poker room to operate fully legal in the USA in 2014. The trick is to remove the "real money game of chance" aspect of an Internet poker site that accepts U.S. players. Some of these licensed poker sites require a monthly membership fee and they award prizes for poker tournaments. Another type of legal US poker site online in 2014 uses the "Duplicate Poker" concept but they have mostly failed over the last few years so I won't get in to them much. Cafrino Poker uses a completely unique business model that allows them to accept players from all 50 U.S. states without fear of any problems with the US government. The vast majority of Americans play at the major offshore US poker sites in 2014, millions of them every day, but these newer poker rooms like Cafrino Poker have gained a small attracted small communities of online poker players from America. Many people have asked me how poker at is fully legal and licensed while offshore rooms like BetOnline Poker and Carbon Poker are forced to operate in a grey area of the law, though I do want to stress that millions of Americans play poker for money online every day and not a single person has gotten so much as a ticket in the last 15 years for doing so. CafrinoPoker works like this. You create a free account - no membership fees or anything like that is needed - and you can compete in real money poker tournaments.

No deposits are accepted and doesn't take a percentage of the prize pools or ring table pots because the company is supplying every single dollar. So how is Cafrino Poker able to give away real money cash prizes to people who win poker tournaments if they do not make any money from rake, tournament fees or membership fees? The answer is advertising. You will see the occasional banner advertisement when you sign up for a poker tourney at Cafrino and there will be other ads here and there, although not many. These adverts generate income for Cafrino Poker and they give much of it back to their customers in the form of free to enter poker tournaments that award real money prizes to the winning players. A poker tournament with 100 players will usually pay out to the top 10 finishers. Some poker MTTs at Cafrino Poker have thousands of registered players and the prize pools can easily exceed tens of thousands of dollars. You will never have to deposit at Cafrino, in fact, you CANNOT deposit at Cafrino. You can simply play in their various poker games that run 24/7 and if you win you can easily and quickly cash out. is based in the USA and licensed so if you request a cashout for $600+ they will send you a W-9 tax form, just like they do for lotto and when you hit a big jackpot at a brick & mortar casino. Use the links below to visit these genuine online poker rooms during the month of November in 2014 and you will receive special sign up bonuses, tournament tickets and a wide range of other perks. If you will not or cannot deposit at any of these poker rooms open to USA citizens in 2014 then I suggest giving Cafrino Poker a try since you never have to risk any of your own money. Granted, it takes a while to build up a bankroll worth the trouble of cashing out but if you just want to play for fun while also having a chance to win real cash then give Cafrino a try.

Authentic, genuine US poker sites in 2014 - no gimmicks, just real money online poker rooms with fast payouts

US Poker Room
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Cafrino Poker is not for everyone though. 99% of Americans who play poker on the Internet for real money do so at the offshore poker rooms like those listed below. Even U.S. states with fully licensed and legal online poker rooms - Nevada, New Jersey & Delaware - only have a few hundred players at the tables during peak hours, compared to tens of thousands at the top US poker sites listed above. CafrinoPoker is free so give it a shot but if you want to play real poker, without the hassle of tax forms and such, I suggest giving the USA friendly poker sites listed above a try. Americans can instantly deposit using Visa, Mastercard and a half dozen other funding methods and cashouits take as little as 12 hours when you request a Moneygram or Western Union payout.. They will typically send you the info that you will need to go to virtually any bank, Wal-mart, Currency Exchange and a host of other businesses and you will get the cash placed in your hand. You can also opt to get paid via check and they use premium delivery services like Fedex and UPS so you will get your check withdrawal in 3-7 days.

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cafrino poker review review
Cafrino Poker Lobby Cafrino Poker Table

cafrino poker tournamentsThis review in 2014 will explain how this poker room works. The images above are the Cafrino poker room lobby and a Cafrino poker table. There are no downloads so everything is done in your browser. The lobby is broken up into three sections. The first is list of sitngo type tournaments. I just played in one and it started when there were four players so you won't have to wait long to start playing poker and winning money. These are ladder sitngo tournaments, which some rooms call "Step sitngos". If you beat the other three players you will win a ticket to the next level tournament and some Cafrino Chips. First place pays $6 in Cafrino Chips and second pays $3 in Cafrino Chips. You are basically playing for Cafrino Poker ladder tickets and Cafrino Chips. All new players will receive $500 in free Cafrino Chips instantly when they sign up.

When you have won enough Cafrino Chips you can visit the "Win Cash" section. This section displays a list of regular multi-table tournaments with various buy-ins and prize pools. The next tournament listed at the time that this review of review was being written is a $5 GTD poker tournament and it only costs 5 Cafrino Chips to enter. These cash tournaments start every 30-60 minutes on average and they also have a playing field cap. The $5 MTT has a cap of 100 players but only 43 are competing in this tourney. Cafrino Poker is a brand new online poker site for USA players so that makes it even easier to win free poker money. Cafrino also runs free to enter tournaments. I just registered for a $50 tournament that pays the top 5 players. It cost me 25 Cafrino Chips to register and the prizes (see left) range from $30 cash to $1 cash. This is real money that you can build up and withdraw. Every new player at will receive $500 in cafrino Chips for free so you can play in dozens of real money Cafrino Poker tournaments before you have to worry about earning more Chips by competing in the ladder sitngos. Poker Payouts in 2014 - Cashing Out At Cafrino Poker - Does Cafrino Pay Out?

Cafrino payouts will be made through Paypal. This is ideal because you can use your paypal debit card to make purchases with your Cafrino Poker winnings right away. cashouts in 2014 generally take 5-10 days. Once the money is in your Paypal account you can use your debit card to make purchases, pull money out of an ATM or transfer your winnings to the bank account attached to your Paypal account.

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Cafrino Poker does not offer casino games. Since they do not accept deposits you could say that offers a no deposit poker bonus of $500 Cafrino Chips. These chips can be used to win real money by using them to buy in to poker tournaments. If you are looking for more free gambling money without having to make a deposit I suggest giving these US casinos a try. Use our link to visit the casino and enter our casino bonus code if one is listed and you will get free casino chips instantly with no deposit required. Cafrino Poker is great for poker players from the USA who want to win real money without risking a penny but they do lack casino games. All of the genuine US poker sites listed at the top of this page also offer casino games and several also offer sports and horse betting in 2014.

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